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A nature outing

A nature outing

While out walking, have you noticed all the little residents that cross your path? A species of flower, an amphibian, an insect flying at your side… All of them are part of the Flemish biodiversity. To get to know them, I went on a nature visit.

At the Conservatoire Botanique National of Bailleul, an open-air museum

My meeting place? The Conservatoire Botanique National de Bailleul (CBNBL). This green bower is an incredible location! Located on the outskirts of Bailleul, surrounded by nature, it is made up of two gardens: the Wild Plant Garden and the Medicinal Plant Garden. These gardens allow the CNBNL to study and introduce plant species to others. They offer guided and self-guided tours, for individuals or groups. Through play, with a nature guide or by myself, I have become an expert on ferns, birches, and geraniums! In the Medicinal Plant garden, you’ll be surprised to see how certain species are used in the medical domain, of course, as well as for cosmetics and dyes.

Family discoveries

Calling all aspiring adventurers feeling the call of the wild: we’ve got just the thing for you. Embark your family on a discovery tour of Mont Noir, Oudezeele or Buysscheure, with the ‘Rallyes Nature’ booklets. Armed with a pencil and this booklet, you’ll set off in search of the little animals that live in the undergrowth or in the ponds. It’s a great opportunity to rediscover our favourite walking spots while keeping your eyes wide open. For once, we weren’t admiring the panoramic views. The aim of the day was to look out for infinitely small creatures: spiders, beetles, ants… Equipped with a magnifying glass and a little patience, we were blown away by the variety of small inhabitants in the undergrowth. Are you ready for some new finds?

Follow the guide

Come with us

With Destination Coeur de Flandre, follow the guide! discovery of plants and their secrets, relaxation with sophrology for children and adults, and hiking to recharge your batteries. Nature in the heart of Flanders awaits you!