At the farm with childrenFamily time

At the farm with children

Today, it’s a family day! With the nieces and nephews and the children, all the cherubs of the family are reunited. We have a busy schedule, as today, we are off to the farm!

Get closer to the animals

At the educational farm, we met all types of animals, with fur or feathers. Donkeys, chickens, pigs, and ducks awaited us. The children were thrilled to into the enclosures and stroke the animals. A hen has just hatched some little chicks and everyone loved her cute babies. The goats jumped around and made the little ones laugh.

We took the time to participate in a themed workshop. As a family, we created something on the theme of nature and the seasons. Everyone left with their masterpiece! A last glimpse of the animals, a last feed, and we were on our way.

A little gourmet visit?

After visiting the animals, we went to see some producers. An opportunity to taste the orchard apples, to stock up on fresh veggies, and try some cheeses of character. The children were enthralled to discover where the food in their plates came from. And yes, it was easier to get them to finish what was in their plates with veggies from the farm!

A round of hide-and-seek

We finished our day with a visit of farms offering fun activities. What could be better to release some energy than a round of hide-and-seek in a giant maze? Big corn plants surrounded us. It wasn’t easy to find my way out with a sense of direction like mine. Luckily, my nephews helped me and after a few fits of giggles and U-turns, we left the farm, with plenty of memories made, and our taste buds aroused!