Bière et houblon en FlandreBière et houblon en Flandre
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Destination Houblon

The story

What is hop?

Hops are the green gold of Flanders! Here you will see the revival of the hop fields. They line the paths with their slender silhouettes. Thanks to it, brewers develop exceptional recipes. It is the fruit of their work that we invite you to discover!

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100% hop

From the brown soils of the hop fields, to the brewers’ vats, passing through the recipes of Flemish cooks, hops are everywhere here. It is part of the Flemish DNA. Here it is from every angle!

And not to miss anything...

That’s it, you’re almost ready to know everything about hops! Brush up on your beer knowledge one last time, and get ready to tickle your taste buds!

  • Step 1 : Malt

    Heat the water, add the malt and stir (brew) while paying attention to the temperature of the water. When this mashing step is finished, separate the wort (liquid) from the draff (malt).

  • Step 2: Hops

    Boil the wort, add the hops, and other aromatic ingredients as desired.

  • Step 3: Yeast

    Cool, filter and add the yeast. This is where the fermentation process begins, which will last several weeks.

  • Step 4: Bottling

    Bottle the beer, with a little sugar. The beer will ferment again in the bottle and produce bubbles! A little more patience and it will be ready to drink.