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How beer is made?

How beer is made?

French Flanders, Hop Destination par excellence. Here, you can find all the elements of the brewing industry: hops growing on our brown soils, beer effervescing in our glasses, in the kitchen, simmered in beer and served at convivial tables. By the way, do you know how this tasty golden beer is made?

Four unchanging ingredients

These four simple ingredients are used to make beer. Firstly water, and lots of it. Next, malt which will ferment thanks to the yeast. And finally, the hops, which will give the beverage its herbal flavour.

Brewers know how to make the most of these ingredients during the beer-making process.

How? Firstly, the malt and the water are heated. A little like when you make tea at home, but in much bigger quantities. Then the brewer separates the must (infused water) from the draff (the remaining malt). The must can then be flavoured with the hops. Finally, the fermentation. This is when the yeast will do its job and transform the sugar into alcohol.

A range of colours and flavours

This is where the brewer’s talent intervenes: using only these four ingredients, you can enjoy a whole range of different recipes.

Depending on the malt chosen, you’ll get a blonde, amber or dark beer.

Depending on the hops and the blending used, the beer will have a particular aromatic range.

Depending on the season, you can even try a winter brew, a Christmas beer with warming and gourmet accents.

Renowned recipes

In the Coeur de Flandre, we do everything with love and we do it well. This is why our brewers offer high-quality world-renowned beers. The Brasserie du Pays Flamand has received many awards and even brews the best beer in the world. Several breweries received medals at the Agricultural Show.

The Brasserie 3 Monts, which has been established for several generations, is a testimony to longevity thus demonstrating their expertise.

So, now that you are more familiar with the theory, come with us and visit one of our breweries! You won’t miss a thing!