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The story

Hinking in Flanders

A beautiful morning is announced under a blue and clear sky. It’s time to put on your best pair of hiking shoes and discover French Flanders on foot! Hundreds of kilometers of trails await you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go through them all at the same time!

To get started, get a node network card. On these maps, there are numbered markers marking the paths. To prepare your route, you connect beacons (in the order you want) and calculate the length of your walk. Along the way, you will find these landmarks. Impossible to get lost! If you want to extend your hike, just add extra knots, and you’re done!

Surpass yourself

Go beyond your limits, discover an exceptional playground, take advantage of every opportunity the landscape offers. So many good reasons to dare to run trails in Flanders! With an event like the Nord Trail Monts de Flandres, our hilly paths have been shone in the spotlight. You too, dare to face the mountains, the unevenness, the panoramas.

Route planner

You're the paths of Flanders.

Compose your tailor-made itinerary with our planner. It takes over the node point-nodes networks of Flanders and the North. Hundreds of miles await you to discover our most beautiful trails. Your freedom is total: you choose the starting point, the coating, the distance, the elevation change…

  • Make your itinerary

    To make your first itinerary, it’s very simple. Start by choosing your starting point on the map and click on the number of the knot point.

    A section on the left will recapitulate all your choices.

    Then you can add points from the node point network by simply clicking on them. The nodes chosen are added to the left-hand side. If you click on a point further away, the planner automatically completes your itinerary.

    To delete a selected point (colour display)

    To complete your itinerary, click again on your starting point and choose “reach this point”.


  • Displaying points of interest

    Under the tab “Légende” you will find the “Calque” tool. You can choose to display points of interest by theme: Accueil Vélo, Café Rando, Fleming Estaminets, Destination Hops and To See.

    By clicking on a point of interest, a section opens. You can thus consult the information relating to the chosen place and above all choose to click on the “Lier” button to add this point of interest to your itinerary.

  • Export your route

    You have a number of choices.

    You can print it: the planner will prepare a document for you (in .pdf) to print your itinerary. You will find the details of the points, the differences, the differences, and the points of interest that you will have previously linked.

    You can download it: the planner will download a gpx trace to integrate it into your GPS or connected watch for example

    You can save it: by creating an account on the planner, you can keep all your routes.

    You can share it: the planner will give you a link that you can copy and send to your loved ones.

100% sport

Running through the mountains, walking along the paths, all means are good to discover Flanders on the sporting side!