Cassel PanoramaCassel Panorama
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Discover Casselthe Everest of Flanders

Discover Cassel

At an altitude of 176 metres, the Everest of Flanders awaits. Perched at the top of the mountain, follow me to discover the village of Cassel, with its panoramic views, its picturesque streets and its Flemish architecture.

Head for the peak

To visit Cassel, the highest village in Flanders, let’s start with the Grand Place. I could see façades with Flemish overtones, shops, and the welcoming restaurant terraces. I could, of course, swing by the tourist information office! Here, you can get all the advice, tips and maps that you may need.

Then, I accessed the château’s terraces via the stairs known as the “rampe alpine”. This path imitating rocks and rockeries is a testimony to the history of Cassel, when in the 19th century, the middle-class society came to enjoy a breath of fresh air in Flanders.

Up above, there are panoramic views over Flanders as far as the eye can see. The toposcopes allowed me to see where I was compared to the surrounding and far-off towns. Like me, enjoy reading the names engraved in the stone, you’ll be surprised by some of the places mentioned!

Let’s meet at the windmill...

A little further on, I continued my visit and stopped in front of the windmill. Did you know that in the past, Cassel had some twenty windmills? Next to this, the equestrian statue of Marshal Foch, an iconic figure of the First World War, watches over the plains of Ypres and l’Yser in memory of his settlement in Cassel between 1914 and 1915.

On the ramparts path

I left the upper parts via rue de Bergues, and arrived at the octagonal chapel. By going back up via rue de Dunkerque, I could see the old horse trough, which was used to refresh the animals after the effort of climbing up the Mount.

The huge collégiale Notre-Dame, which gives the mountain its unmistakable silhouette, was awaiting me around the corner. A few metres further on, I went through the porte d’Ypres, to take the rampart path, a unique moment when visiting Cassel! Incidentally, the smallest part of these ramparts is so narrow that you have to hope that another visitor isn’t coming the other way. I then went back to the square via rue Moeneclay. Just enough time to admire the details on the façade of the Musée de Flandre and end my visit on a high note.

C'est dit !

“I still love coming to Cassel so much. It’s so picturesque to go up to the mill through the Porte d’Aire, it reminds me of my childhood holidays.”

Nathalie, Lille

Follow the guide

Come with us

With Destination Coeur de Flandre, follow the guide! In the footsteps of a night watchman, accompanied by a knight, through the alleys, or at the top of the mountain, take part in a guided tour of Cassel. The Everest of Flanders will have no more secrets for you!