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Discover the windmills!

Discover the windmills

You can see them when you walk along Flemish roads. Four wings, a wooden or brick tower, a streamlined silhouette. Today, I’m finally going to visit a windmill! A childhood dream! Are you coming?

A winged giant

I felt so small next to this winged giant. I was impressed by the wingspan, by the intricacy of the wood used to make them. The Flemish landscape is scattered with windmills, bearing witness to a lively activity in the past. The wind-struck plains are indeed favourable! Did you know that there were around twenty windmills in Cassel?

Accompanied by a guide, I entered the windmill and its narrow structure. I breathed in the warm smell of wood. I could see the cogs, the ropes. I wasn’t expecting so much technicality!

Meticulous mechanics

But, how does all this machinery work? The guide explained that the wings turn and operate a pivot. This leads to a series of wheels and gears. This sets the millstone to work, which grinds the wheat grains and produces flour.

Suddenly, I could hear creaking! The wings started moving as the guide had set them into motion. The entire windmill came to life!

Flour, flour!

I could therefore see the grains being ground. It goes through various sieves. The tighter the mesh, the finer the flour.

I left the windmill with my freshly ground bag of flour. One thing is for sure… My family are going to love it!

Windmills map

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