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A prestigious weekend

A prestigious weekend

This weekend, the kids are out of town (thanks to the grand-parents). It’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourselves to a prestigious and unforgettable weekend as a couple. A moment to reconnect and get away.

An unusual night away

First step for a successful weekend away: the accommodation! What could be better than a room that is the polar opposite of my daily life? A hut in the trees? A luxuriously decorated bedroom? A character home? A spa or well-being area? I’m spoilt for choice. I felt a million miles away as soon as I entered the accommodation. It was a waking dream. A promise of unforgettable moments.

Some visits to spend some quality time together

Whether it’s walking hand-in-hand along the pathways of Flanders or learning to brew a beer together based on our own recipe, I decided to fill our weekend with meaningful activities. We got to know Flemish biodiversity. We admired the masterpieces at the museum. We immersed ourselves in history. We looked to our future.

An exceptional dinner

Savour local products, cooked with care and talent. Enjoy a setting decorated with taste. Share a moment of grace in a hushed restaurant. More than just a dish, it is a work of art. A time to be together, talk to each other, reconnect by candlelight, accompanied by delicacies. We felt exceptionally lucky to be in this restaurant. There’s no doubt about it, we will treasure this fabulous Flemish weekend in our memories for a long time!

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