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Destination Vélo

Destination Vélo

The story

Flanders, land of cycling

Flanders, land of cycling. This is a well-known and especially recognized adage! The unevenness of the mountains, the paved roads, the panoramas bathed in soft light, these are so many assets that make Destination Coeur de Flandre one of the favorite spots for all cycling enthusiasts.

On the adrenaline side, fans will appreciate the major sporting events, where champions compete in courage to face the Flemish roads.

On the leisure side, the network-points nodes, the Accueil Vélo, the equipped areas, a whole range of offers is intended for you to facilitate the practice of cycling with family or friends.

Whatever your level, whatever your goal, your bike will fall under the spell of Flanders and so will you. On the way !

Route planner

Compose your tailor-made itinerary with our planner. It takes over the node point-nodes networks of Flanders and the North. Hundreds of miles await you to discover our most beautiful trails. Your freedom is total: you choose the starting point, the coating, the distance, the difference in level

How to use the planner?
  • Making an itinerary

    To make your first itinerary, it’s very simple. Start by choosing your starting point on the map and click on the number of the knot point.

    A section on the left will recapitulate all your choices.

    Then you can add points from the node point network by simply clicking on them. The nodes chosen are added to the left-hand side. If you click on a point further away, the planner automatically completes your itinerary.

    To delete a selected point (colour display)

    To complete your itinerary, click again on your starting point and choose “reach this point”.

  • Add points of interest

    Under the tab “Legend” you will find the Calque “Layer” tool. You can choose to display points of interest by theme: Accueil Vélo, Café Rando, Flamen Estaminets, Destination Hops and To See.

    By clicking on a point of interest, a section opens. You can thus consult the information relating to the chosen place and above all choose to click on the Lier “Link” button to add this point of interest to your itinerary.

  • Export your itinerary

    You have a number of choices.

    You can print it: the planner will prepare a document for you (in .pdf) to print your itinerary. You will find the details of the points, the differences, the differences, and the points of interest that you will have previously linked.

    You can download it: the planner will download a gpx trace to integrate it into your GPS or connected watch for example

    You can save it: by creating an account on the planner, you can keep all your routes.

    You can share it: the planner will give you a link that you can copy and send to your loved ones.

100% cycling

On the way ! With the network of nodes in your pocket, set off to conquer the Monts de Flandre! Splendid panoramas await you.

Summer cross-border rallies

From Coeur de Flandre to Heuvelland

From July 1 to October 2, criss-cross Flanders on both sides of the border. Look for the clues, put the photos in order.

Two circuits await you: 33 or 41 km, between Coeur de Flandre and Heuvelland. All you have to do is pick them up at one of our tourist information offices and then find the right answers. The luckiest will win a nice Flemish gift!

And not to miss anything...

Step 1

Get your hands on the “Vallée de la Lys et Monts de Flandre” Point-Noeud network map

Step 2

Determine your starting point

Step 3

Locate your itinerary and write down the point numbers that you’re interested in

Step 4

Check that your bike is ready for the ride

Step 5

Don’t forgot to bring the map with you, in case you want to extend or shorten your ride

Step 6

Enjoy the authenticity, calm and nature of the Cœur de Flandre

Step 7

Get thinking about your next ride!