A vélo en FlandreA vélo en Flandre
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Flanders by bikeFrom the Points-Nœuds Network to the Accueil Vélo label

Flanders by bike

I’ve checked the tyres, lubricated the chain, and adjusted my helmet. I’m ready to discover Flanders by Bike!

The flexibility of the points-noeuds network

One map, thousands of rides possible! The points-noeuds network brings together all the most beautiful and safest cycle paths, like a giant spider’s web. This ingenious system enables anyone to freely create their own customised itinerary, depending on their abilities.

Before leaving, I checked the map to find the itinerary that I wanted to take. I wrote down the numbers for my route. I got going, going from one point to the next. I kept the map in my bag, and if necessary, I could extend my ride by adding some extra points.

To facilitate my rides, I can leave from a “TOP DEPART” point, where I can find an extract of the map, a tourist display and an inflation station.

The quality of the Accueil Vélo label

After a long day of cycling, there is nothing more pleasant than relaxing in an Accueil Vélo accommodation! This accommodation offers a secure shelter for my bike, a visitation site with a tool kit, cafés and restaurants; there are many establishments with the label and which are located very near to the points-noeuds network. Perfect for a well-deserved rest!

Equipped recreation areas

Suddenly, close to the path, there is a table and a few benches. I arrived at one of these recreation areas, scattered throughout the region. I was able to rest a few minutes, admire the landscape, and check my points-noeuds network map. I could take a break, have a snack. There is even everything you need to check your tyre pressure.

Areas map