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Gastronomy in all shapes and sizes

Gastronomy in all shapes and sizes

The Flemish like their food. They enjoy sitting at a table with a nice meal and sharing gourmet flavours. A little overview of the gastronomy, in all shapes and sizes.

Flavours like grandma’s cooking

Do you remember, when you were little, Sunday lunchtime at granny’s house? She’d make your favourite dish. She’d be wearing a large apron. The entire kitchen was filled with the smell of simmering dishes. At the table, she would always serve you more even when you said “No, granny, I’ve eaten enough”…

In the inns and brasseries, it’s still like this! Take the example of the Auberge du Noordmeulen in Steenvoorde: everyone enjoys the same daily menu, which smells like cream and butter.

Each town has its own little brasserie, its little family restaurant where the menu is simple but where the products are tasty and generous. With a welcome full of joy and good spirits, there is no doubt about it, it’s just like being at granny’s!

Gastronomic dishes

With quality local products, the great Flemish chefs are more than inspired. This haute cuisine is delicious and refined. From Caestre to Morbecque, as well as in Renescure, food lovers always find the tastiest places to eat. Two Michelin-starred restaurants shine at the top of Flemish gastronomy, in Boeschèpe and in Cassel. Les Bib Gourmands or the Maîtres Restaurateurs are legion. There’s no doubt about it, the most discerning palates are queuing up in Destination Coeur de Flandre!

The famous Flemish estaminets!

These well-known restaurants are the most emblematic in the region. They are the Estaminets Flamands. Recognisable thanks to their orange plaques on the façade, they offer a local, traditional, and gourmet cuisine: in a nutshell, unrivalled!

The pleasure doesn’t just come from the dish: from the decoration to the friendly atmosphere, a journey of a thousand flavours awaits you!