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Hunting for bluebells

Hunting for bluebells

A few days a year, legend has it that the Monts de Flandre are covered in an intense blue colour. Why? The Bluebells. I wanted to see the magnificent spectacle with my own eyes and so, I went hunting for bluebells.

Identify the locations

Firstly, I had to choose my exploration period well! The blossoms are fleeting and short-lived. I chose to roam the hillsides in mid-April to stack all the odds in my favour.

Then, I focused on the exploration locations. To do so, I used the Points Noeuds Network map, which, as well as helping me visualise the Flanders area, gave me some points of reference to create my itinerary.

Le Mont Noir dressed in blue

I began my journey at the Mont Noir, renowned for its pathway of bluebells, and in the morning, for the typical spring light. Going downhill towards the villa, at around 10am, I came across what I was looking for! And I can tell you now that it was absolutely spectacular! A blue wave unfurling on the slopes of the hills, sheltered in the woods, with a fairly-like, timeless atmosphere. This range of colours, from light blue to purple, playing with the reflections of light shining through the tree branches. The immaculate white of the wild garlic provided a striking contrast. Of course, I was careful not to walk on the flowers, and admire them with my eyes; and in particular, we mustn’t pick them in order to protect our biodiversity!

From Mont des Cats to Mont Cassel

I continued my journey in search of bluebells by going to Mont des Cats. Below the Chapelle de la Passion, I was able to admire these little blue bells across the mountain slopes. Their delicate fragrance was captivating. I could have stayed for hours to enjoy this enchanting setting; a combination of the colours of the flowers, the singing of the birds, and the soft spring light.

My journey also took me to Cassel. By hiking around the Mount, along the paths leading to Oxelaere, I was also able to admire these pretty blue colours in the surrounding woods. Here too, I fell in love with these colourful and fleeting flowers.

I have also been told that there are bluebells galore on the other side of the border, on Mount Kemmel for example. So, next year, I’ll continue my journey in Belgian Flanders!