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Panoramic spots

Panoramic spots

With its mounts and plains, Flanders has some fabulous spots for contemplation. Amongst the multiple panoramic views, we have selected our favourites for you!

1. At the top of Mont Cassel

With its toposcopes, the terraces of the château at the top of the mount are a must-see. Enjoy a 360° view from the Flemish Everest.

2. Along the ramparts of Cassel

Still in Cassel, enjoy the picturesque pathway of the ramparts to see the Audomarois region.

3. La rue du Purgatoire in Boeschèpe

To my left, the hop fields. Opposite, Berthen. In the background, the Mont de Cats. All of Flanders is a panoramic view.

4. Yourcenar Park

Step 1: park on Route du Parc. Step 2: go into the park and turn left. You’ll get to a crooked bench and in particular, a breathtaking panoramic view over Saint-Jans-Cappel. Beyond, you’ll see the outline of Bailleul, with its belfry and its churches.

5. The Mont des Récollets

The Récollets gardens is a hot spot for greenery; everywhere you look, there is something to see: the flowers, the architecture of the house, but also the stunning view that its “garden rooms” offer, designed as genuine works of art.

6. The area surrounding the Mont des Cats

From the Mont des Cats road? From the Abbey path? View towards Belgium or towards the Mont Noir? Whichever angle you choose, the panoramic view will be just as beautiful!

7. From the top of the belfry

Your reward after climbing 192 steps leading you to the Belfry’s wall walk? A 360° panoramic view over the town of Bailleul and Flanders.