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The top 10 things to do in Cassel

The top 10 things to do in Cassel

1. Enjoy a 360° view over Flanders

At the top of the Mountain, near the toposcopes and the windmill, is the highest point of view in Flanders. 176 metres: when you say it like that, it doesn’t sound very impressive. But when you catch a glimpse of the coasts of England in the distance, you may be in for a surprise!

2. Weave in and out of the ramparts

Start in the Grand’Place, and take Rue Foch. Then turn into one of the alleys on your right, like the chemin Bosquillon, for example, on the corner of Le Lion d’Or café. You’ll get to the “chemin des remparts”, where you can enjoy a quiet and unusual walk in Cassel, where some parts are very narrow. We can guarantee that you’ll be able to touch both sides without reaching out your arms.

3.Enjoy a drink on the terrace on the Grand Place square

Sit down in the sun, enjoy a cold drink, rest your legs after climbing the Mount, and watch the passers-by. Simply take your time, the key to happiness!

4. Taste a Flemish carbonnade

Or some gastronomic cuisine! There is no shortage of good restaurants in Cassel. Let your taste buds guide you, they won’t let you down! If in doubt, come and see us on the Grand Place.

5. Get lost in the details of a Flemish painting at the Musée de Flandre

Just as beautiful on the outside as on the inside, the Musée de Flandre is full of both ancient and contemporary Flemish art. Stop in front of a landscape painting and let your mind wander in search of the tiniest of details, the meticulous touches of paint by Flemish artists.

6. Challenge the riders of the Quatre Jours de Dunkerque (Four Days of Dunkirk) by attempting to climb the Mount and riding over the cobblestones

The Mount and its cobblestones, a real challenge for cycling enthusiasts! Indeed, the riders of the Quatre Jours de Dunkerque are familiar with climbing the Mount and regularly wear out their tyres here. So, why not give it a go?

7. Get out of breath climbing the “rampe alpine”

The “rampe alpine” is a footpath going from the Square to the top of the mount. Make no mistake! These rocky grounds are actually constructions dating back to the 19th century to brighten up Cassel walks.

8. This is also the case going up rue d’Aire!

La porte d’Aire is one of the emblematic doorways of Cassel. It marks the limits of the village’s medieval walls. With its battlemented façade, its engraved coat-of-arms, and its red writing, it is a real postcard view. However, running through it (uphill, of course) is a little less relaxing, so they say!

9. Visit Maréchal Foch

During the First World War, Maréchal Foch made Cassel his HQ. From here, he watched over the entire plain towards Ypres. Today, there are still traces of his presence: at the collegiate where there is a bas-relief dedicated to him, at Schoebeque hotel where he stayed, at the Musée de Flandre, where there is a section in his honour. But in particular, at the top of the mount, there stands his famous and proud equestrian statue.

10. Singing la Reuzelied at the carnival

The most famous man in Cassel? Reuze Papa, of course, the village’s giant. He only comes out twice a year, during the Winter Carnival and on Easter Monday. Seeing him dance to a song that bears his name, la Reuzelied, is a moment full of folklore and emotion!

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