Dans le parc Marguerite YourcenarDans le parc Marguerite Yourcenar
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Wander through parks and gardens

Wander through parks and gardens

It’s sunny, the birds are singing, and nature has its most beautiful colours on display. We have plenty of nature spots, parks and gardens for you to visit in Cœur de Flandre.

A refreshing walk

The sun is shining, it’s hot. Why not cool down by a lake? Such as the Étang des 3 Fontaines in Saint-Jans-Cappel. At the foot of the Mont Noir, this site has 7 trout fishing lagoons in a naturally wooded and calm setting. Some are even available to privatise for you and your friends or family! Or the Étang des 4 fils Aymon in Méteren. Perfect for a family picnic by the water and the local fauna and flora. This site has several departure points for hiking trails, such as towards the Monts de Flandre, the Mont des Cats, or even towards the Mont Noir.

The softness and gentleness of the flowing water will lead you to a moment of relaxation in the water and poetry garden in Zuytpeene. Whether it be waterfalls, water paths or ponds, water is omnipresent in the garden. 3.5 hectares in the Flemish countryside at the foot of Mont Cassel, taking you inside a water-based poetic and artistic creation.

A walk through History

You’ve taken the path that leads towards Mont Noir, and further ahead, you’ll see the Villa Marguerite Yourcenar and its park. Surrounded by bluebells, you can walk on 5 km of footpaths, allowing you to discover the heart of the Monts de Flandre mountain range.

The lungs of Nieppe’s town centre, the château park is a bucolic setting, a 1 km-walk on foot through woodlands for a beautiful family walk. Go past Nieppe’s fishing pond to round up your short walk.

Dive into nature

Now, let’s head to the Conservatoire National Botanique of Bailleul. With 25 hectares of gardens, wild plants, and inspiration from nature, where medicinal plants will no longer hold any secrets for you. Guided and self-guided tours, or in the form of games and activities, so you can find out more about the flora used on a daily basis or in our food.

Come and discover the fauna and flora in all shapes and sizes. At the Jardin du Mont des Récollets in Cassel, the different gardens will give you a breath of fresh air and peace and quiet for a total rejuvenation. You will be impressed by the Flemish-style creativity and art. With a wide aesthetic diversity, the fairy garden in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel will take you to natural setting, with an English inspiration. Shrubs, perennial plants and ancient roses; a wide variety of plants for your viewing pleasure. Located at the foot of the Monts de Flandre in a wooded setting, the “jardin des 3 colombes” in Godewaersvelde has various flowerbeds, perennials, seasonal bulbs and shrubs in a landscaped garden.

On the park side of things

From town to town, don’t miss out of the opportunity to rest and relax. In the public gardens of Hazebrouck, enjoy a family walk, visit some animals, flowers with a thousand different colours, and a little picnic break. Parc Pasteur and Parc Legrand-Grubbe in Bailleul, and all the green areas are perfect for relaxing. The twittering of birds, the softness of the colours, and the omnipresent calm will help you to relax in these places in harmony with nature!