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What to do when it's rainingin Flanders

What to do when it’s raining

Great, it’s raining! Okay, so it’s not always the weather that we expect when we’re on holiday. But because rain is sometimes unavoidable, you might as well do something fun.

1. Escape to a museum

Sheltered behind history-filled walls, no drop of rain can interrupt your journey into Flemish art. Let your imagination run wild from one painting to another in Hazebrouck, Bailleul or Cassel. Discover Flemish traditions in Terdeghem or Steenwerck. Go back in time in Noordpeene, Boeschèpe or Rubrouck. Meet historical figures, get one step ahead of biodiversity. Museums in Flanders have so much to share with you!

2.A little competition?

Get your bowling shoes on, warm up your bowling ball, and shoot straight. With leisure activities, you’ll forget about the bad weather while challenging friends or family. And if the daredevils amongst you aren’t scared of water, go and take a dip in the pool!

3. Paradise for small children

Keeping your kids busy when it’s not sunny is a task for indoor parks! Slides, inflatable structures, ball pool. They can climb up, come down, climb up again, come back down and above all, be active all afternoon. And you can bet that an afternoon snack will be very much appreciated!

4. Hopped flavours

In our land of hops, there is no specific season for discovering brewery culture. Visit an artisan brewery and discover all the brewers’ secrets. Water, malt, hops and yeast, 4 ingredients for infinite flavours. And if you want to get your hands dirty, try the brewing workshop. It’s up to you to create your next nectar.

5. On your marks, get set, cook!

Accompanied by a Flemish chef, cook up some tasty dishes with some good local ingredients. While keeping warm by the ovens, you’ll learn the right gestures and tips from the chef. Your loved ones will enjoy your masterpieces (unless you keep them all for yourself!).

6. Warm up with a tasty dish

Leave the gloomy weather outside and give your eyes and taste buds a treat, sitting at an estaminet (small café) table. There’s nothing like a comforting carbonnade or a speculoos dessert to forget about the low clouds in the sky! A traditional little game, a Flemish ritornello about leaving Autumn behind and keeping warm in Flanders!