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I tested Totemus Discover Flanders

I tested Totemus

TOTEMUS is a concept for a virtual treasure hunt on the move. Two routes are now available in the Cœur de Flandre: in Cassel (Les secrets des ruelles et remparts – 3.7 km) and in Bailleul (Mélusine et la Belle Flamande – 3.3 km).

With the help of my smartphone and my family, I wanted to try out the Totemus experience and go on one of the hunts. It’s the ideal way to combine a walk with an original experience of this exceptional area.


Victory is ours!

This afternoon, I’m taking my family to discover Bailleul, the beautiful Flemish town. To do so, I’ve downloaded the free TOTEMUS application onto my phone and suggested they go on a treasure hunt.

With my battery charged and good shoes on, I registered on the app, which suggested all the routes near me. I chose “Mélusine et la Belle Flamande”, a 3.3 km circuit. The first step was to find the starting point using geolocation. Once that’s confirmed, the hunt can begin! We set off through the streets of Bailleul with a single objective in mind: to answer a series of questions on Flemish heritage, history and traditions.

Finding the answers is fun: we consult the signs in the town, solve puzzles and put our sense of direction to the test. Along the way, we discover streets, parks and details we’d never seen before. It really immerses us in the walk.

At the end of our treasure hunt, we scan a QR code to win a virtual totem pole and toteez (points) that we can exchange for gifts from TOTEMUS partners.

The good news? Two tours are available in Coeur de Flandre! We can’t wait to set off in search of a new totem pole in Cassel, on the “Secrets of the alleyways and ramparts” trail. 3.7 km of fun and discovery!


Win an entry

the belfry in Bailleul, or the mill in Cassel

To mark the launch of TOTEMUS in Coeur de Flandre, we’re organising a challenge !

Be the 100th to take part in one of the two hunts to win a gift.

The 100th totem in Bailleul will win a visit to the Belfry, while the 100th competitor to complete the Casselois route will win a visit to the Moulin !

Good luck ! 🍀