FIBA Sainte Marie CappelFIBA Sainte Marie Cappel
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I went to the FIBAFestival International de la Bière Artisanale

I went to the FIBA

Here, beer* is brewed and enjoyed but also celebrated! Let me take you to the FIBA (Festival International de la Bière Artisanale), the The International Festival of Craft Beer, which takes place in September.

A gourmet village!

It takes place in Sainte-Marie-Cappel! This village in the centre of Flanders becomes the centre of the brewing world for a weekend! It should be noted that the rest of the year, this village is devoted to good food and drink. Restaurants, bakeries, beer bars, spices, waffles, mushrooms, meats, cheeses, vegetables: everything is full of flavour! The cherry on the cake? The village is full of charm and I already loved it before even getting to the FIBA. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a good place to be.

Numerous exhibitors

I arrived at the festival. Long hop vines are used to decorate the village, it’s beautiful. Before getting to the brewing centre of the event, I had a look around. I found the local producers that I just told you about. I couldn’t resist a packet of waffles! One thing led to another, and I visited the local associations, treated myself to some collector glasses, and quenched my thirst for curiosity by helping a brewing amateur. A warm atmosphere is in the air: like a summer fête where everyone is happy to get involved.

The effervescence of the large brewers’ tent

I finally got to the big tent. Here, some thirty brewers were presenting the fruits of their labour. I exchanged my tickets bought at the entrance to try some beers of my choice. It was such a pleasure to talk to the men and women who brew the beverages. I went from one discovery to another.  Some recipes were surprising, and others were too strong for my liking. But this is the range of tastes that makes FIBA so enriching.

Speaking of flavour, I wanted to share my last crush of the day with you: the famous chips! They are delicious, flavoured with hops, and crispy. A final pleasure to enjoy before leaving Sainte-Marie-Cappel and its festival of flavours!

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Please drink in moderation.

C'est dit !

“I come to every edition! We meet there with friends. We discover new beers and we had a great Sunday! “.


Thomas, Dunkerque