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Take the kid to the museum

Take the kids to the museum

This afternoon, I said to the children, “Let’s go to the museum!”. I’ll let you imagine the look on their faces. They were not convinced, to say the least. And yet, they quickly changed their minds; I’ll explain why!

Immersion in the beehive

Let’s go and meet the bees in Neuf Berquin. Throughout our visit, we discovered the difference between bees, wasps and hornets. We came face to face with a giant beehive and we were stunned by the talent of these small insects. The detail of the honeycomb, the relentless work of the workers, the queen’s pursuit; the children were intrigued and passionate. We got to know the bee-keeping profession. Why do they use smoke in the beehive? How do they protect themselves from stings? A little further inside the museum, the children understood the importance of bees for biodiversity.

At the end of the visit, we had a look around the shop. You just need to take one look at their happy faces to understand that they had a great time!

Journey back in time

An afternoon in Steenwerck, the prospect of a journey back in time! From the stables to the kitchen, from the greengrocer’s shop to the haberdashery, from the shoemaker to the hairdresser, all the trades of the 1900s are represented. Imagine the look on the children’s faces looking at the classroom. It’s nothing like their classrooms of today. And yet, they sat down at the school desks and could easily imagine how school was for their (great) grand-parents!

Before leaving the museum, we enjoyed a little snack at the “estaminet”. Everyone could play a Flemish game while sipping an apple juice.

Let the windmills turn!

We can see them along the roads when we go for walks. But we hadn’t yet got round to visiting one. Visiting a windmill is a heritage site visit, but it also involves revisiting a few basics of physics! The strength of the wind, the workings of the millstones; we were able to revise a few basics as a family. Children are sometimes a bit apprehensive when climbing the windmill stairs. But once at the top, they are surprised to see how the windmill works; it’s worth the climb!

After all these visits, I can ensure you that the children loved it! They learnt new things about nature and history. They shared some fun moments. They can’t wait to go back to a museum soon!

C'est dit !

“I liked visiting the Maison de la Bataille, because I really liked looking at the model”.


Léo, Hazebrouck