The best things to do with my dog

The best things to do with my dog

My faithful companion desperately needs to stretch his legs. And like him, I need some fresh air. So, without further ado, let’s grab the lead and go out!

A walk in the forest

My dog was thrilled to go for a run outside, to feel the wind on his nose and rummage about in the undergrowth. We went to Morbecque, to the Huit Rues woods. This forest outing allowed both of us to get some fresh air. This area is also a place of remembrance. There was a V1 launch site during the Second World War. There are signs, which enable me to dive into the uproar of conflicts and to apprehend the quietness of this place from a different angle.

A trip to the summit

We continued our day with Flanders’ summit: let’s head for Cassel. Of course, the contrast between the forest and the paving stones doesn’t go unnoticed for my dog’s little paws. And to be perfectly honest, my dog needed a little help climbing up the alpine ramp! Together, we enjoyed the panoramic view, and went round the windmill. It was time to come back down to the square and enjoy a drink on the terrace and rest before going home!