Décor Estaminet Liane de HoublonDécor Estaminet Liane de Houblon
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Why do we love the Estaminets?

Why do we love the Estaminets?

The estaminet is the cradle of conviviality. Today, we recognize an estaminet by its characterful building, its rustic and typical interior decoration but above all, in addition to the fact that we can drink there, we now eat there. There is such a specific atmosphere there that you won’t find it anywhere else. While we are more than ever attached to this singularity, how can we explain our strong link with these establishments?

Attachment to memories

The first thing that will strike you when entering an “Estaminet Flamand ©” is the decoration. Look at it carefully. You may recognize your grandmother’s coffee grinder, your grandfather’s dinner service, or the dried hop vines. You are directly immersed in this warm and well-known atmosphere of your childhood memories. In this endearing and typical decor you will feel at home.

Do you smell that good smell too? It is that of the gourmet and generous cuisine of the good addresses of the “Estaminets Flamands ©”. It also reminds you of the long hours spent by your grandmother in the kitchen. You might also remember the color of her apron as her stew simmered on the stove while reading the menu. It is because they appeal to our sweetest memories that we love our “Estaminets Flamands©” and also because, like the members of our families, they all have their own character. Thus, as Denis of Kerelshof II in Cassel says, “each estaminet has its own personality, that of its owner”.

The importance of usability

Imagine a warm place, where you can spend a privileged moment with your loved ones, conducive to sharing and conviviality. This place is by definition the “Estaminet Flamand ©”. You can then play old games. Others may prefer to be carried away by traditional music, in the background, or during a concert. Here, everyone has their place. And everyone shares. You will share your advice for choosing a good beer* or an à la carte dish. You will share good tips for a successful visit or hike. You will share a few words with the table next door.

Belonging to a region

One of the main criteria for obtaining the label is the use of local, and even hyper local, products. Here, you will be sure to have fresh, homemade products from Flemish producers. All the know-how of the region is sublimated by the local cuisine. “A menu where we can find local products, traditional dishes from our region (Carbonnade, Potjevleesch, Maroilles chicken, Welsh, etc.) at affordable prices! Say Mathieu and Benjamin from Hazewinde in Saint-Sylvestre-Cappel. And to accompany it, rather local apple juice or craft beer* from the Heart of Flanders? Let yourself be tempted, each dish tells a little about the story of its estaminet, and its producer. For Denis, everything is linked, “the kitchen, the exhibitions in the tavern, the music. It is important to bring the territory to life, with its local producers and its craft breweries”.