Land art areasImmerse yourself in nature

Land art areas: immerse yourself in nature

To connect with nature in a different way, take a walk near a play area. In Boeschèpe, Bailleul or Godewaersvelde, these land art installations, combining artistic and landscape approaches, invite you to immerse yourself in an original structure where you can let your imagination wander. Ideal for families, this experience also exists on the other side of the border!

Nature and adventure

During a Sunday walk with my family, we came across an unusual structure nestling in the landscape. A sign invited us to approach it, while giving us explanations.

It’s a land-art structure, a blend of art, landscape and nature. You can go inside and climb up. Observe the views. Touch the bark. Listen to the birds. Our senses are awakened, and, I must admit, so are our children! I think it’s a coconut,” says one, “but no, it’s a hedgehog,” retorts his brother.

Their imaginations take flight. The walk becomes playful. There’s everything you need for a picnic!

The sign tells me that there are several facilities in the area: in Bailleul, Boeschèpe and Godewaersvelde. On the other side of the border, other facilities are waiting for me, as the initiative is part of an Interreg (European) project. I can’t wait for our next walk to discover a new play area!

In Boeschepe

3D maze

The presence of the mountains today takes us back in time to geological formations. Here in Boeschèpe, the three interlocking spheres are reminiscent of marine micro-organisms. Sedimentation led to the formation of the ferruginous sandstone that covers the Flanders hills. The work by German artist Ludwig Schumacher, installed nearby, is sculpted from this rock. The willow land art bubbles form a labyrinth in which to hide and have fun. From this site, overlooking the Flemish plain, you can contemplate the Ondankmeulen and, in the distance, Mount Cassel.

In Bailleul

The flower that escaped

Emerging from the meadow, this observatory platform is perched in the middle of a pasture, along a bucolic hiking trail (GR 128 and Réseau Points Nœuds pédestre). It offers visitors a special experience of relaxation, out of sight. Its flowering shape is reminiscent of the corolla of a Fritillary escaped from the wild plant garden of the Conservatoire Botanique National de Bailleul, which you can see through the trees.

Where are land art areas?