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Vélo et Fromagesgourmet itineraries

Vélo et fromages

Admittedly, I like my food! Talk to me about local produce, and I cannot be held responsible for my actions. So if you add my passion for cycling, I’m in! With the “Vélo et Fromages” (Cycling and Cheese) itineraries, that’s all my passions rolled into one. An overview…

The “Vélo et Fromages” approach

“Vélo et Fromages” is a national approach aiming to highlight the French cheese making terroir by adding a hint of cycling. In Destination Coeur de Flandre, this is ideal!

The principle is simple: pedal and taste. Choose one of the 6 available routes and zig-zag across the Points-Nœuds Network, passing close to cheese producers and farm shops. All you have to do is pick up your feet and explore a whole range of flavours! From 23 to 64 km in length, each itinerary offers a complementary view of territory and terroir.